About Me


The name is Fraser Constable. Born and raised in the small town of Sooke, on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. I have spent the majority of my time outdoors since I was a child. It all started in a 6' x 6' sandbox filled with Tonka trucks in our back yard on top of Mount Matheson in East Sooke. I lived there with my mother, father, and three sisters.

Some of my first experiences on this planet consisted of wildlife encounters, being trapped in blizzards, dodging forest fires, and power outages that sometimes lasted as long as two weeks. We spent our summers on the beach at Aylard Farm, and our winters bundled up next to the wood fireplace wondering if the snowplough had forgotten about us. My real passion for nature kicked in during my early years of high school when a few friends and I signed up for a group trip to hike the legendary, "West Coast Trail"... I had no idea what I was in for. Thankfully I was in the prime of my youth; otherwise I would have been struggling to survive. It was a mess of ups and downs, rugged terrain, nine meter high ladders, slippery roots, dangerous animals, old logging machinery, shipwrecks, boardwalks as far as the eye could see, thick brush, breathtaking views form the highest points, and the most gorgeous remote beaches I have ever stepped foot on from the lowest points. After a few days on this trail it dawned on me how fortunate I was to be in that moment, in that time, and in that place. I got my first digital camera days before I departed for a backpacking adventure to the land down under, Australia, in hopes of presenting people back home with my experiences as I traveled the eastern coast from top to bottom in a barely functioning, 1989 Nissan Nomad van. As you could imagine, with no job or plans to be anywhere it left me plenty of time to get to know my new digital camera. I would take pictures of everything I could, but not just point and shoot. My theory was if you want a good picture, you take it from an angle that people rarely see it from. I would borrow a laptop from a temporary friend at a hostel and upload my findings. The feedback I received from my friends and family was so positive that I decided this was something I could not just do as a hobby, but maybe one day, with enough practice, a job. When I got back to Canada I began working at AdrenaLINE Zipline Adventure Tours in the summers, then shoveling snow on top of Mount Washington Alpine Resort in the winters, both amazing experiences. I got a 4x4, upgraded my camera equipment, and kept on hiking and exploring as much of Vancouver Island as I could, taking up hobbies such as surfing and fishing until the fall of 2011 when I flipped an all-terrain vehicle onto myself and broke my back putting me in a back brace and barely able to walk for three long months. Once again, I had plenty of time to play with my camera. My friends would pick me up and take me to viewpoints where I could shoot from the vehicle, eventually convincing me to hike down to the local surf beaches to take shots of them shredding the waves I so desperately craved. To most people this would be a setback in life but for me, I managed to turn it into a positive, putting all my time and energy into my photography and being at the right place at the right time for that perfect sunset, rare storm, or that fifteen foot ocean swell. Sure enough, I managed to get a huge collection of photographs, most of which you can view today. From there I began printing them on canvas and selling them at local shops around Sooke offering photographs of places that people were familiar with. I hope to one day attract tourists from all over the world and offer tours to destinations they see in the photos so they, themselves, can be there in that moment in time to interpret what they feel is materializing right before their eyes and perhaps inspire them to take only photos, and leave only footprints as destruction becomes more common in this beautiful place we live in.
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